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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear All Lincolnites at Heart,

Some time way back, Fred Blanford sent me a 30-minute video of a movie shot in Lincoln very early in the 1950s (Don Splain in the movie mentions a Mr. Yung, who was the Illinois Sec. of Ag. during the one-and-only administraion of Adlai Stevenson as governor). I suspect the movie had been taken with 8mm film. With the able assistance of my high-tech and very patient wife, Pat, I have uploaded this movie to the Web, where you can view it.

This movie is technically very rough because it has gone through several file-format conversions to get it on the Web. Yet, I believe this video is quite amazing for its window into the Lincoln many of us knew as we grew up there.

Please view this movie and consider posting responses using the the blog comment feature. How many places do you recall, and how many people can you identify (is the Ted Gibson family at the Optimist Club picnic?)? And do you have any stories to tell about these places and people?

Enjoy: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8658355030875007694


Blogger Dan Gaydosh said...

Leigh, I found this old film to be very interesting. What age were we, about eight, at the time of the film? A reference to the Korean War points out this time frame. A comment made at the fair that the fair can be enjoyed by anybody from 6 to 60 is pertinent as anybody who was six then is in their 60's now. I have sent the link of this blog to my older sister who was probably in high school at this time. Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience.

Dan Gaydosh

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan, yes, I am sure the LCHS Class of '60 was about eight or nine or ten when the film was shot. When I heard the "6 to 60" comment, I thought, my God, what happened to "9 to 90"? It just made me aware that maybe I should think I am older than I feel. It reminds me of my Grandmother Blanch Wilson, who in her 80s referred to people in their 70s as "the elderly."

Many thanks for your post.


5:31 PM

Blogger Jerry Gibson said...

Leigh: Yes, that is Ted and Eleanor Gibson with daughter Jill and myself. I believe Don Newberry is in the foreground with Judy Hoblit. This must be pre 1953 Centennial as no males have beards. Jill was born June 1951. Ted held her up during the filming so I think she was 1 year old and that would make the year 1952 with the Korean War still on everyone's mind.She marched in the 1953 parade with us. I suppose some will remember "Brothers of the Brush" and "Sisters of the Swish" .
Jerry Gibson

5:49 PM

Anonymous Nelson Teichmann said...

Leigh, what a hoot, I loved it and imediately emailed it to my Uncle, Ed Teichmann in California. He is 83 and along with his wife, Julia (Dessort)from Lincoln also. I wish my Dad and mom were still living, so that I could view it with them.

This is just one more outstanding accomplishment on your part, it order to make it happen and be available to so many.

Nelson Teichmann,
Peoria, IL

7:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

During my visit to your home in Missouri, I reviewed the Lincoln CC movie provided by Fred Blanford. I am saddened that the Logan County Fair deteriorated from the fine tradition that it once was.
The folks who were in charge, during the era of this film, always planned attractive rewards for the horse racing owners. The racing event days were to attract the best competitors so they could tune up their equipment and horses for the larger Illinois State Fair purses and then, eventually, on down to DuQoin. The daily race "card" (most refer to this as "program") featured some of the best midwest horse stables.
Jerry Gibson

8:20 AM

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